15 Sep 2020

The Best Bike Use Applications

It’s been three whirlwind years since we introduced the OTTOLOCK cinch lock concept. Like all new products and categories, we’ve seen our share of hype declaring it “the greatest new product ever,” together with plenty of scrutiny given its novel design.

04 May 2020

Exploring the Great Backyard

here were seven of us riding through the lumpy Belgian countryside. Farm roads, bike paths, and no landmark features that could tell you which direction you were heading. “The Kwaremont is 12.5 kilometers that way” the Junior National Team coach, Benjamin Sharp said. He was looking at his GPS watch that simply had a direction and distance.

03 Jan 2018

The Next Great Outdoor Brand

What a year it has been! We’ve successfully built a new business anchored by OTTOLOCK from the ground up. So many highlights and challenges, coupled with laughter and tears. Any of you who have taken the start-up leap can appreciate this journey.

03 May 2017

The Story of OTTOLOCK

It wasn’t the first time someone had the idea. Serious cyclists have been locking up their bikes outside coffee shops with helmet straps or other bizarre methods with no security for years. What was different this time was the passion for a real solution. Read more...
10 Jun 2016

Race Reflections: Tour of California Stage 1

Race Reflections: Tour of California